Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New Apple for 2006

On Tuesday 10th January 2006, a new tone was set for Apple Computer at the annual MacWorld Expo. It is official, Apple computers are now all loaded with Intel processors (dual cores too!).

They also unveiled a new notebook called the MacBook Pro, previously known as Powerbooks. Not much the change here for the new Powerbooks besieds the new processors used but there is a little nice touch called the MagSafe, which is a power plug which easily detacches off the notebook if the plug is pulled or jerked (especially useful if people keep tripping on your power plug :)). Click on the picture to see the animation and you will understand more :).

Well I guess for hardware enthusiasts like me, the rel deal here for Apple's 'new' products are not so much the revolutionary hardware or software but I will be really interested to see if we can be running Windows on these machine and if they can, boy !!! If I get my money I will be sure to get one of these to run my Windows. You can be sure I will update evryone on the possibilty of Windows on a Mac :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Google Pack

I am sure all of you know Google and all of its other offerings like the ubiquitous Google Bar (the add on to your browser) and the less known but truly amazing Google Earth (you guys should really check it out, it's really amazing as you can view anywhere int he world from this software, think of it as your own personal satellite).

Earlier this month, Google unveiled the Google Pack at the Consumer Electronics Showcase and I personally think it would be quite useful especially for those who have just formatted their computer and want things to be installed all at one go.

In short, the Google Pack is a downlaod package offered by google which includes the following software from Google :-

  1. Google Earth
  2. Picasa (photo organizing software)
  3. Google Pack Screensaver
  4. Google Desktop
  5. Google Toolbar

Besides offering Google stuff, they are including other software which you would need for your typical PC and also to protect your PC. Guess Google's trying to distribute utilities to us then. Some of the note-worthy utilities are :-

  1. Firefox browser
  2. Norton Anti-Virus 2005 Special Edition (with 6-months subscription)
  3. AdAware SE Personal (adware/spyware removal utility)
  4. Adobe Reader 7

Besides those mentioned there are other non-essential stuff that some may need like a Trillian messenger or Google Talk which you can easily add to the pack.

If you decide to check it out, here is the site :

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Truly Exceptional Cell Phone

I wonder how many people actually know about the first mobile phone named Serene from Bang & Olufsen (a popular consumer electrics company in the US), its design is pretty amazing and the ringtones are definitely much more refreshing and captivating compared to other phones (YES! Including the V3 by Motorola).

It definitely scores in terms of design and its unique keypad but one has to wonder hmmmmmm...waht good would a flipphone be without an external display to show who's calling?

I guess style is enough to justify this phone :P. you can find out more at the Bang & Oulfsen website

P.S : Just so you all know, it's designed by Samsung.

New 2006, new blog ?

Fine, fine, fine! First of all, Happy 2006 to all of you. Now I have been running this site for a year now with actually quite little enthusiasm as compared to others, so what i am going to do this year is to spice things up by introducing to ya all high-tech new gadgets!!!

Hope this drives more people to my place :) , well gotta go ask favors from a few of my friends now to link them to my blog I guess.

We will see how it goes then.