Monday, August 16, 2004


It has been more than a week since we resumed our studies in this compurting course in Sunway College Malaysia. Unfortunately, we are in the School Of Information Technology, Telecommunications & Multimedia.

Why do I say that? Well consider the following :-
  • Time-tables for every intake weren't out until the first day of the start of semester itself and they expect every student to be on time !!!

  • There were confusions on the elective subjects as to which major will be taking on what subject. (They eventually sorted this out, guess it was a god thing as students were able to have time to cnsider what subject they would be taking)

  • Practical classes are still not divided up until today.
Well, I guess all these faults aren't too bad but considering this is the School of IT, t is a bit of a disgrace when all is amock and the administration is divided up unto so many levels. This isn't so much more of a complain ut a plea to ask the department to evaluate itself and improve.

Buck up people !!! You are going for a university status and an ISO certification and you are all stll uncoordinated and what more the department full of paper work ????

Though I may give them the benefit of the doubt that they may not be solely responsible for this and the uper management is. Let''s just pray hard that they will do something about this.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Birth

This will be the begining and mark the hallmark for all comments to come on this blog. Look out for exceptional and controversial comments, information and insights on matters that you will not even begin to imagine yourselves.

Embrace yourselves for the future!