Friday, January 18, 2008

Chili Ice-Cream!

That's right! I was shocked too the first time I saw it on my trip to China, but this is a true 'gelato ' with chili flavor :) In case you are wondering how it tastes like, I can only give you a description, it starts off with something like a very very light vanilla taste and slowly thereafter you'll experience some spiciness in your mouth. Very unique indeed :)

Now I wonder if there will be a market for it for the Malay and Indian audience :) I'll keep the blog updated with my other items from China.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Downfalls of the MacBook AIR

Well not really downfalls, but perhaps unspotted weaknesses at first sight?

Alright after sleeping on it for a day, and when all the hype and sex appeal of the new MacBook AIR has finally died down and where my logical brain steps in to mitigate the effect from Steve Job's reality distortion field, there are actually a few quirks about the MacBook that bothers me a little. They are:-

  1. No Ethernet port and 1 USB port?
    Hopefully, all offices phase out Ethernet ports and adopts WiFi in Malaysia, otherwise you're out of luck for Internet connectivity. As for USB, guess you'll have to keep a USB hub nearby because if you're gonna plug in a mouse into it, then say goodbye to your Flash Drive.

  2. Puny 80GB hard disk?
    Goodbye to loads of MP3s and videos. MacBook Air is just for documents! :P

  3. 2GB RAM?
    Am I suppose to just really treat this as a business only affair with the MacBook? Anyways, 2GB with no expandable option doesn't really bode well considering Vista alone requires a minimum of 2GB

  4. Built-in battery?
    Somehow I have a feeling that the battery is going to go kaput real soon this way, and when it happens you're out of luck if you think you can pop in another battery and just continue your work.
At this rate and price, maybe the Dell XPS laptops still look like a better alternative considering its price tag. But then again my lust for form over function may kick in when I see this thing physically :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Apple just announced its latest laptop, the MacBook AIR!!! OMG it's so thin, I just love the design! It's so thin it fits into a manila envelope!

Some key features:-
  • Built in isight camera;
  • Full-size keyboard;
  • Black keys on white;
  • Backlit keyboard;
  • Generous trackpad;
  • Multi-touch gestures on he trackpad.
  • Rotate a photo;
  • Next photo;
  • Pinch and zoom;
  • 1.8″ ipod drive;
  • 80GB HDD;
  • 64GB SSD option;
  • Intel Core 2 Duo;
  • 1.6GHz standard 1.8GHz option.