Saturday, June 09, 2007

Jay Chou Potato Chips & Icy Mint Sprite

Was at Carrefour again shopping for food and lunch too. Grabbed a pack of Jay Chou endorsed chips! :) (Talk about celebrity power eh? Almost everything in China is celebrity endorsed). There's also a Jay Chou endorsed eye drops, I'll see if I can get that on a picture or video :)

And then here is my first Icy Mint Sprite, the packaging was absolutely eye-catching interesting but when it comes down to the taste, it totally turned me off. Yeah, it had a hint of mint but overall it tasted like medicine with mint flavoring! I think I'll still stick with the lemon-flavored Sprite

And as for the last photo above, although it may seem like a usual Carrefour Supermarket but what's special about it is that all these people are queuing up for rice! Carrefour started a promotion here which goes something like RMB1.00 for 1KG / 500g of rice (can't remember which one exactly) only on designated times of the day. So, if you happen to be there at that time, you will usually see a very long queue at the rice counter.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Paper-Thin Video Display

Came across an article by USATODAY, which reports that Sony has developed a paper-thin display screen. Makes me wonder what kind of gadgets will be available once they get this technology into the mainstream market.

More at this link :- USATODAY : Paper-Thin Display from Sony