Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kit Kat & Snacks from Japan~! And a chocolate I found in Singapore

A colleague of mine just returned from Japan and brought a whole lot of snacks where they can only be found in Japan. So witness the truly unique snacks! Before that, a picture of how cute a cake wrapper from Japan looks like.

First up, Kit Kat Green Tea. Yeah it tasted a little bit like tea leaves squashed up with chocolate :)

Next, Kit Kat again but with a strawberry twist. Well I didn't really like it as it tasted a bit like really cheap strawberry flavored chocolate.

And followed by Kit Kat Minis (didn't know they have minis), in Banana flavor~! This actually tasted quite good with the aromatic smell and taste of bananas which is not too heavy.

Okay enough of Kit Kats, there was also a sweet which tasted like Ice-Cream Soda. Thing about this particular sweet is the filling actually fizzles in your mouth just like a soda would, so yeah that was definitely a surprise.

Lastly, not too exciting but I really like it, it was a Cadbury Chocolate in Lemon Cheesecake flavor which I found at a Singapore supermarket and along with it...........you guessed it Kit Kat again! Caramel flavor :-) ah the sweetness :P

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